Chilli Seraphina

Colour: Red Merle
Colour of Eyes: double blue eyes
Date of Birth: 31.01.2023


So she is called “chilli” because she is as red as a pepper and also carries fire within herself, “seraphina” means: angel with fire wings who guards the throne of God.

Exactly – that describes this wonderful girl, she will later remain loyal to her human friend and guard him with her fiery temperament. She is very alert and when she was only 2 weeks old she started eating her mother’s food and turned her head in the direction from which I spoke to her. If she snuggles up to her human’s neck, she happily begins to “smack” and sniff. We’re really looking forward to seeing her growing up.

A beautiful Red Merle bitch with a particularly beautiful coat pattern and a great, probably somewhat longer coat.